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Clan Rankings and much more in this update!


The latest update for S.K.I.L.L. is here and it is packed: discover a massive new feature as well as a whole host of new content!

Clan Ranking

It is finally here: test your talents each week against other clans in the most popular game modes! Starting now, every result you get in the clan channel counts – your results will be used to create a constantly up to date ranking of all clans. Every Saturday night at midnight (BST +1) the status is reset and you'll be able to fight for the top ranks all over again!

You can view the latest ranks as well as the results of the previous week by clicking on Cup in the top-left side of the client.

But that is not all: based on the position of your clan in the ranking list, your name will be highlighted with special effects – everyone will be able to see that you are a player in a really good clan! In addition, so that nobody need wonder which clan truly is the best, the top ranks will always be displayed on the loading screen – as shown in the following screenshot:

To help you in the search for opponents, we have set up an eSports section in the forum so that you can set up and agree to matches with other clans – simply click here!

Join a clan or set up your very own band of brothers, search out a clan match in the clan channel or in the forum and then... may the best team win!

Two new soldiers: GAFE Armoured Unit and GIGN Riot Guard

If you have yet to get yourself one of our soldiers that offer additional EXP and SP, perhaps one of these two newcomers will be of interest:

  • The GAFE Armoured Unit offers a 50% EXP boost and a 30% SP boost, costing 299 Cash

  • The GIGN Riot Guard offers a 75% EXP boost and a 40% SP boost, costing 499 Cash

Two new weapons and two new camo sprays: G36C and K3 and Safe and Caution respectively

Starting today there are two new weapons available for SP and Cash: the G36C and the K3. If you want to modify these to match the black and yellow KRISS Vector Honeybee, we also have the perfect camo sprays for you: Safe and Caution!

The G36C is the compact variant of the legendary G36 assault rifle and costs 24,000 SP or 99 Cash. The screenshot shows it off in combination with the Safe camo spray:

The K3 is an excellent Korean light machine gun which is based on the M249 amongst others. This can be bought now for 21,000 SP or 89 Cash! In this image, we've applied the Caution camo spray to the K3, which is based on the various available warning signs:

'Puzzle' - variations of popular weapons

From today, valid until the next update, you will receive eye-catching variations of the AK-103, FAMAS, PSG-1 and Beretta M92FS in the shop. These weapons have the same values as their standard variants, but look miles cooler. The puzzle design cannot be bought as a camo spray, so those of you that get them over the next few weeks will certainly stand out on the battlefield! In addition, you can also buy the Tomahawk with this puzzle appearance!

More clan shirt choices!

If up to now you found the sand coloured clan shirt boring, we have some good news for you: starting today the clan shirt is now available for purchase in white, black, green, red and blue – as always, in a permanent version available for 99 Cash. They should help you to give your clan image even more of a personal taste!

Four new Orgelboxes

As already announced on 24.04, there are four new orgelboxes available in the capsule market: the KRISS Vector Honeybee, SAIGA 12 Python, CheyTac M200 Big Dipper and the SG 551 Iron Gun.

... and, just as with the previous patches, there is also a 'Play on Patch Day' event today! Have fun with the latest update for S.K.I.L.L.!

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