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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



We have tested, fired, optimised and finally completed the beta phase successfully. Now you can enjoy the unrestricted and official release version of S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2:

In time for the official release, the game is now playable in seven more languages and as a result, is available in nine different languages:

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Many unexplored maps and a whole new game mode wait for you!

The maps:

  • 3 single maps (Building Site, Shanghai, Cathedral)
  • 6 team deathmatch maps (Dam, Russian Factory, Desert Camp, Hangar, Lost Temple*, Farmhouse*)
  • 4 seizure maps (Hospital, Cold Poison, Ryokan, Anaconda Sector 7*)
  • 7 blasting maps (Power Station, Satellite, Station, Missile, Desert Camp, Peacehawk*, Embassy*)

(* marked maps are VIP maps)

There is also an additional game mode, 'Glass', on the Hexa map. Draw (nothing more than) your pistols and destroy the glass plates on which your enemies are standing!

We would like to thank all players for your feedback – you have helped us to uncover many errors, all of which we have managed to fix with an extensive patch in time for release. On top of this, we have made the game even more secure with an update to our anti-hacker tools.

But that is all just the start: we will also continue offering you many improvements and are happily working away at the constant enhancement and expansion of the game.

Load up and release the safety – now it's really starting!

Your S.K.I.L.L. – Special Force 2 Team

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