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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



The Sectoids have broken out and are on the hunt for humans – discover the new update with the alien fighters and the hardcore mode!

We have prepared the following thrilling and suspenseful additions for you:

Mode: Manhunt

In this team deathmatch you can slip into the role of one of three Sectoids and then eliminate your human opponents using each of your unique skills. After a set amount of rounds, you will switch sides and the hunter will become the hunted.

The Manhunt mode is currently available on the following maps:

  • Russian Factory

Mode: Defence

A co-op mode for one to four players. The host can select between four difficulty levels, with which each level contains a higher amount of attack waves:

  • Difficulty level 1: 15 waves
  • Difficulty level 2: 20 waves
  • Difficulty level 3: 25 waves
  • Difficulty level 4: 30 waves

The aim of this mode is to defend the cores by eliminating the Sectoids and by keeping the defence barriers intact.

If the defence barriers are destroyed, the Sectoids will be able to attack the core. If this is destroyed, you will have to move to the next defensive location. If all four of the defensive locations are destroyed before the waves have been defeated, the game is lost.

Mode: Survival

This is also a cooperative mode for one to four players. For 30 waves, you will need to defend yourselves against the Sectoid invasion. With every defeated Sectoid and every mastered wave, you will receive money. With this you have the opportunity to buy weaponry and armour at the supply vehicle.

Mode: Hardcore

The pure adrenaline thrill: in Hardcore mode, almost every single hit is deadly. On top of this, you have to prove yourself against your enemies without the entire HUD (mini-map, ammo display, crosshairs...).

The mode is available on the following maps:

  • Desert Camp
  • Station
  • Missile
  • Russian Factory

Discount: 30% off explosive firepower and useful bonuses

To prepare you for the unusual missions ahead, there are some convenient discounts available in the shop: the RPG-7, the crossbow with explosive munitions, increased health as well as the shortened respawn time are all now available in the shop for 14 days with a discount of 30%.

Or get yourself the PvE pack straight away, which also costs 30% less for two whole weeks.

Good luck in the battle against the Sectoids - you will need it!

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