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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



Update features a new Team Deathmatch map, the AN-94, and a massive haul of equipment for the hot summer!


The summer update for S.K.I.L.L. features a whole host of weapons, mercs and equipment perfect for the dog days!

New VIP Map: Base Camp

An additional Team Deathmatch map can now be hosted exclusively by VIPs: Base Camp.

The Blasting map Drone is now available to all players and will likely appear soon in the ESL leagues and cups (such as Go4S.K.I.L.L.)!

Summer on the Capsule Market

Four new summer orgelboxes are waiting for you:

  • FAMAS Waterblaster
  • Summer 2015
  • AN-94 Atlantis
  • P90 Squash

In the Summer 2015 Box you'll find the Black Mamba Beach ready to hit the surf, whilst the special effects and reload animations for the FAMAS Waterblaster are perhaps the update's highlight.

The new AN-94 assault rifle can currently be found exclusively in the AN-94 Atlantis Orgelbox. But don't worry! The SP version of the weapon will wing its way into the shop before the start of the next ESL Pro League season!

New Mercenary

The new mercenary Sakura Beach is available in the shop for a limited time only, offering a 60% boost to XP and 40% more SP for just 399 CASH.

Changelog in the Forum

The update also includes a huge variety of technical improvements to the game which will help us to combat cheats and hackers.

As ever, you'll find full details in the forums.

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