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S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2 // Ego-Shooter



A new Orgelbox and enormous improvements to the old Orgelboxes – this is December's Orgelbox BOOST!

Attention elite soldiers!

Welcome to the next update for S.K.I.L.L., this time with the motto: 'Orgelbox BOOST – best equipment for the hardest soldiers inward bound!'

New box for snipers

As we already announced on Monday, we have some great news for all snipers and those who wish to become one: the new Orgelbox contains the CZ700 Captain! For stylish shooters, this weapon provides exceptional optics: gleaming metal fittings on dark brown wood with a telescopic lens that is protected by fine leather – a weapon fished right out of the captain's cabin of a man o' war!

As a true boost is only complete with discounts, from 11th Dec until 18th Dec the capsules for the RPK-74 Drake are a wopping 20% cheaper!

New from old

We have been listening to the reports from the front lines and have completely reworked all of the Orgelboxes in the game: more SP, better items – here are the boxes you've been waiting for!

More useful items

Special forces on operations naturally have high demands. We have listened to your wishes and have replaced single colour camo sprays and the 1-day versions of trousers in the Orgelboxes with more practical items:

  • More stylish camo sprays
  • More temporary weapons
  • Better boosts
  • Useful equipment such as the Mobility Boosts and Combat Armour

More SP in every box

Each box now gives you a shot at considerably more SP. This is your chance to add a cool outfit to your Orgelbox weapon or also allow yourself the chance to carry out regular repairs on your equipment.

Play today for a special reward!

As we already announced on Monday during the update preview, today there is a free Orgelbox capsule for our new CZ 700 Captain Orgelbox in return for the first match that you complete in the AI Team Deathmatch mode – what are you waiting for?

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